About Andrew Weston

  • Academic Level Bachelors Degree
  • Qualification 2nd Class
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About me

I have 20 years Travel experience split between Hogg Robinson and AmexGBT.

I can support companies with customer services, staff management, operations management, remote management, process improvement, programme management, system design, offshoring, document delivery and debt reduction.

Specific to travel, I can advise on refunds (air and rail), billing solutions, fees, ADM’s, credit card reconciliation, credit card data, BSP and repatriation.

I have over 20 years experience in all of the above and believe I am uniquely placed to support businesses as they look to adapt following events of the last few months. It would be great to connect with Travel Companies of all sizes to discuss future opportunities, however I also believe my skills to be cross-transferable into other industries as well.

I am currently looking for a new permanent position, however I’d also be keen to explore contract and/or consultancy work where I can provide value add to your organisation. I will be available from the start of January, 2021.